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Adult Acne Treatments

Beauty is an obsession and we all, in spite of ourselves, are obsessed about it. We cannot live with it- we cannot live without it. Those who have it are afraid of losing it and those who do not have it are anxious to attain it. The seed of the problem that gives us sleepless… Read More »

Teenage Acne Treatment

Acne is a very common problem in the teenagers. This is because the major cause is hormonal change, which takes place during this phase of a person’s life when they are crossing over from adolescence to adulthood. It is important that the person suffering should know about the problem they are facing, so that they… Read More »

Back Acne Applicator

Acne is the most common of all skin disorders. On the back, it is often more severe, sometimes with nodules and cysts as the back is made of tough skin with thousands of sebaceous glands that produce a lot of oil. Back acne is common and often harder to treat than facial acne. This is… Read More »

Body Acne Treatment

Acne is perhaps the most unwanted nuisance around. If not treated properly, it can turn out to be a bit of a bother. Body acne is a anatomical type of acne. They consist of red dots or bumps on all parts of your body. Body acne is better than facial acne as it can be… Read More »

Acne on the Back

Are you hiding something at your ‘back’? If back acne is your little secret, it’s time to bury the past. Back acne is the result of either hormonal problems or accumulation of perspiration due to workouts. The problem is that your hands might not reach the exactly affected places. So make sure you apply medications… Read More »