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Nodular Acne Treatment

Treating skin related disorder can be a tricky thing because if not done properly, it can cause longtime ill effects. Same goes to the treatment of nodular acne, which is a severe form of acne. This form of acne consists of acne spots that are much larger than other forms of acne. This type of… Read More »

Causes Of Nodular Acne

Nodular acne looks a lot like cystic acne, but while cystic acne is pus filled the spots of nodular acne are much larger.  Both can be damaging to the skin even after treatment is done as both have tendency to leave scars afterwards. These scars can be avoided if there is no poking on the… Read More »

Nodular Acne

Nodular acne is a sever form of acne, which consists of acne spots that are much larger. This type of acne can be quite painful and can last for long. Nodules often characterized as long, hard bumps appear under the surface of the skin. In attempt to squeezing, you might end up with causing permanent… Read More »