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Causes Of Nodular Acne

Nodular acne looks a lot like cystic acne, but while cystic acne is pus filled the spots of nodular acne are much larger.  Both can be damaging to the skin even after treatment is done as both have tendency to leave scars afterwards. These scars can be avoided if there is no poking on the… Read More »

Cystic Acne Causes

Cystic acne on first glance may appear to be like nodular acne, but can be very taxing to your facial skin even after it is treated and there are always chances that scars might be left afterwards. It is very important to identify what sort of acne you have so the treatment can be done… Read More »

Causes Of Acne Rosacea

The causes of acne have been a great mystery to the researches who have studied this disease. Different studies have come up with varying results. Underlying central cause of acne rosacea is not yet identified, although many factors seem to contribute in its flourishing. One cause that can be a major factor is that it… Read More »